Do you cook with BBQ sauce on your meat?

No, we use a special seasoning and cook the meat low and slow for a true smoke flavor.

What is the pink color on the outer edges of the meat?

This is considered normal, and is due to the authentic smoking process in which the smoke has penetrated the meat.

How much is catering a party going to cost?

It depends upon your menu selections and the size of your party. Call us at 425.238.8515 or submit a Catering Quote Request and we’ll provide you with the cost per person.
A 50% deposit on all orders is required at the time catering is booked, with the balance due two weeks before your event. Gratuity is not included.

Is barbeque too messy to serve at a wedding?

No, because we don’t cook with the barbeque sauce on the meat, it is served on the side. Kelley’s BBQ catering is the perfect complement to your special event.